01 February, 2011

what love means??

What does love mean? love is a passionate feeling towards one another.There is one feeling that you get and it make's you go crazy.When he kisses you,you can't help but go crazy.Love is a feeling that can never be replaced.Love goes on forever and ever.Love is when you can't sleep because reality is better than your dreams. Love is the warmth you get when people like you and wouldn't let anything happen to you. Love is the caring part of nature that lets us live the way we do.Love is anything that you could dream for. Love is every where.Love make's everyone complete.

     What does love mean? Love means to me dont get hurt and when you give someone your heart they cherish it like a lost treasure. Love is when you ask the person do u love me and they say no. When you say do u want me and they say no and when you say if I was to walk away right now would you cry and they said no. Then when you walk away they say I dont like you I love u, I dont want you I need you, and then they say if you was to walk away right now I wouldnt cry I would die. Love is what me and my baby got we break up but we love 2 be around each other twenty 4 seven. Everyone knows us for staying 2gether through thick and thin.

   What does love mean? love mean this wonderful feel you get threw your body you can't speak your hearted beat fast everytime you think of that person dream of the person can't eated are sleep they are on your mind 24-7 it's all about that person. love is a strong powerful feeling that you can't even define. love is good not bad. love is someone who make you feel good know matter what love is someone who can make u cry but make you smile in the same sin. love is good



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